Pro-life activity is another important apostolate of the Msmi. All human beings ought to value every person for his/her uniqueness as a creature of God, created in the image and likeness of God, called to be a brother or sister of Christ by reason of the Incarnation and the universal Redemption. For all Christians especially for the Msmi, the sacredness of human life is based on these premises. This explains efforts of the MSMI to defend human life against every influence or action that threatens or weakens it, as well as their endeavours to make every life more human in all its aspects. Hence when the sick, the aged, or the dying are abandoned in loneliness, they will stand up and proclaim that they are worthy of love, care and respect. The primary aspect of pro-life activities is to uphold the values of each human life. For that the MSMI in collaboration with Shalom TV has produced a telefilm Njan Janichotte. The Msmi take keen interest in upholding the values of life by keeping in line with the words of Pope John Paul II: we are convinced moreover that all efforts made to safeguard human rights actually benefit life itself. Everything aimed at banishing discrimination in law or fact, which is based on race, colour, culture, sex, or religion is a service to life. When the rights of minorities are fostered, when the mentally or physically handicapped are assisted, when those on the margin of society are given a voice, in all these instances the dignity of life and the sacredness of human life are furthered. In particular every contribution is made to better the moral climate of society to oppose permissiveness and hedonism, and all assistance to the family, which is the source of new life, effectively uphold the values of life. The Msmi tries to identify themselves with the poor suffering people in their loss of dignity and life and help them to come out of their problems. They also aim at accepting and defending the human life, the right to life, not only out of respect for the majesty of God, the first Giver of every life, but also out of respect for the essential good of man.