behold-1Contemplation of divine mysteries of salvation
through rosary empowers MSMI to preach the Good News to all creation.



The Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate is a women religious congregation founded by Late Msgr. C. J. Varkey as per the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit on Sept 8th, 1962 the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.








To manifest the redemptive love of Jesus gives prominence to family apostolate
through family catechesis and preaching of the Word of God


To draw men and women close to God.
 To uphold the value of human life.
 To strive for the realization of God's Kingdom in union with the Holy Trinity and with the activities of the Church. 


CHRIST came to redeem the whole world by alleviating sin,
sickness, fear and oppression.
MSMI envisages to reach the ends of the world with this redemptive love
of Christ irrespective of caste, creed or race


Our mission today is to continue the mission of Christ in terms of realising the Kingdom of God through the preaching of forgiveness and thus building a society in freedom, fellowship, truth and love.