The MSMI has been carrying out their missionary work ever since the foundation of the congregation. As per the emerging situation of Church and country they need to re-interpret their charism and re-define their mission to suit the needs of their people. Their missionary work shall aim at transforming people, thus liberating them from evil in all its forms. The main thrust of the Church is establishing the Kingdom of God. It is considered as a new human community, which is rooted in Christ, characterized by freedom, equality, love, forgiveness, justice, peace, etc. It may be appropriate for them at this juncture to question themselves and to become aware of their priorities. Faithful to this awareness of reinterpreting and redefining the charism of the MSMI they focus their attention on the needs of the time. Jesus in the Eucharist is the wellspring of energy for all their apostolic activities. Every field of activity is an avenue for them to bear witness to the redemptive love of Jesus.