The parish is the usual place where faith is born and where it grows. Since the congregation of Msmi is founded for the pastoral necessity of the people, their activities are linked with the parish community by cooperating with the parish priest. Faith formation is not mere instruction or education but a ‘formation’ in faith life and it is perceived as an ongoing process of growth in the faith of persons and communities. This means that the heart of catechesis is not a doctrine, or a moral principle or an act of worship, but a person, the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Moreover faith formation leads a person into the mystery of Christ in its entire dimensions. The aim of the faith formation is so as “to put people not only in touch but in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ; only He can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity.” The MSMI has a special consideration for the catechism of the children, youth and adults and other special groups at the parish level taking into account the famous letter of Pope John Paul II: “religious consecration should make you even more readily available for the Church’s service, to prepare as well as possible for the task of Catechesis according to the differing vocations of your institutes and the missions entrusted to you, and to carry this concern everywhere”.

The members of MSMI are engaged in various organizations and groups in different levels: Parish, Diocese, State and National. It is oriented for different age groups: for adults - Vincent de Paul Society, Sunday prayer groups, mothers groups; youth animation programme – Jesus youth, Christeen, Angels meet, etc. The presence of the MSMI among these groups helps proper guidance and adequate leadership towards a deeply shared prayer experience as well as having the opportunity to integrate their faith life. They are also engaged to work for the right of the Dalit Christians at the parish level.

The goal of Catechesis is, to help an individual, flower in his unique personality and unveil the image of God within. Often this image of God is being tarnished by negative experiences like injustice, exploitation, corruption, marginalization etc. Until and unless these negatives are removed, the image of God in man will always remain blurred. The founder reminds the members the way of teaching catechesis; each Msmi must know the situation of their students. It should not be simple memorization of the lessons but assimilating the message into one’s life. Never force them to learn the lessons by-heart. Nobody comes to know and love Christ by it; but focus on the love of God. They have to experience the love of God for that everyone has to adopt adequate and attractive means for transmitting God’s message. It specifies that the Church has a duty to defend and promote a true sense of freedom and its right use against every kind of unjust force.” Keeping the words of Pope John Paul II they give prominence in “Catechesis that changes a person in to a new creature; the Christian thus sets himself to follow Christ and learns more and more within the Church to think like Him, to act in conformity with His commandments, and to hope as He invites us to do.”