Education is one of the paramount tasks of the Church and especially the members of Msmi to share the process of liberation with humanity. In the context of the paradigm shifts in theology and praxis new strategies have to be evolved and then, the education ministry becomes a liberative and promotive mission. Therefore the congregation needs to move ahead with this vision to give awareness of motivating the students by showing them different paths to liberative action. The search for fresh goals and the commitment to renew options will motivate them to seek answers to tomorrow’s problems with a stout heart, prophetic zeal and greater enthusiasm to participate fully in this sublime mission of the Church.

The Msmi statutes states, “true education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of his/her final end.” Efforts are taken to ensure that the educational institutions become not only centers of intellectual learning, but also seats of integral growth of the students. In this way the students may be equipped to live their personal and social life with a holistic attitude to life where along with intellectual knowledge, genuine life values such as love, brotherhood, justice, truth, creativity, endurance, equality, peace and joy can be adequately inculcated. Sisters working in this field are engaged not only in the intellectual and mental growth but also concerned about the spiritual discipline and character formation. Keeping up regular contacts with the former students of the class is also the duty of each Msmi as a teacher, guiding them further to grow in Christ and in relationship with Christ. For them, the teaching task not only limited to the students and their families but also it goes further in promoting Christ’s message to other teachers and their family situations as well. The founder’s vision that if the children are getting proper education, faith in God, proper human values and social awareness, this would result in the proper growth of the society and their family and also the world would develop, bringing them all to the salvific experience.

The MSMI has a special concern towards the students who are denied proper education because of their economic backwardness. It also takes interest in the education of street children and differently abled children. This mission is also extended to students of other faiths and creeds. The Msmi pay genuine attention “to the education of the illiterate, adivasis, tribals, and other groups of people in the missions. They provide education for adults, special classes for the differently abled etc., for promoting the least of the society.” In all these activities sisters have the aim of bringing them closer to God by supporting and liberating them to grow in deeper faith and personal relationship with Christ.