Imbibing inspiration from the life of Jesus who travelled throughout doing good to all, the members of MSMI helps the poor, the orphans, the beggars, the oppressed, the exploited and the needy around us. They lead them to total liberation and self-sufficiency through preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and developmental programs. 

The MSMI run charitable institutions for the mentally, physically and socially disabled, the street children, the destitute and the orphans, the old and the terminally ill. They run technical training institutions of cutting and tailoring, embroidery, etc. They try to raise the standard of education of the poor around them through adult education, literacy classes, remedial education, condensed classes, free tuition etc.

Navadarsan is a family renewal and social welfare center, providing counseling and family enrichment programs, run by MSMI Sanjose Province, situated at Mangad, Kannur in the Archdiocese of Thalasseri, Kerala. The organization is working for the well-being of the individuals, family and society. The intervention of Navadarsan is community development,  based on the felt needs of the marginalized from the mainstream society. We are trying to help the under privileged through our various projects and programs in the social, economic, education and health sectors facilitating economic freedom, gender equality and skill training.

Area of operation is all over the country aiming to promote employment opportunities, resource development through vocational training and skill development programs, integrated development of rural areas and welfare schemes to the suffering people concentrating in students education of helpless parents etc. These ends are achieved through direct programs, and community development projects. Navadarsan provides multiple services and training programs for couples, parents, youth, adolescent boys and girls and children. We  focuses on family empowerment and enrichment by dealing with problems of divorce, separation, living together, and other psychological problems of the family members

Nirmal Jeevan Charitable Trust (NJCT) one of the social work wings of MSMI Congregation is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered under Bombay Public Trust 1950.It was inaugurated on 25th January 2017 with the interest of restoring the dignity of life of the marginalized especially children in Mumbai. This thrust arose in MSMI Sisters who have completely surrendered their life to God for the welfare of the society. Ever since its inception, the Trust has been engaged in the development of the poor irrespective of caste, creed and religion and the main areas of intervention are Child health, education and women empowerment.

The pilot project KAL KI CHHAYA of MSMI Sisters initiated in November 2018, deals with the street, slum and rag picking children. It aims at empowering the disadvantaged through a holistic approach and to help them access opportunities that lead to a better quality of life. Within three years KAL KI CHHAYA has brought in a tremendous change in the lives of these children and their families. KAL KI CHHAYA has four Centers at Kamothe and Kalamboli with 140 children and 8 Staff.